Services include, but are not limited to:


 Creating multiple streams of income for your financial future




            Lower cost executive recruiting


            Speaking ~ How to get hired Seminars


            Affordable Outplacement Counseling Service


            Consultation ~ How to start your own business

                                         How to effectively network


            Executive Career Consulting Service


            Path to Your Career Consultation, Workshop


                  or buy ~   "Path to Your Career"  book


            Resume Review and Critique


            Professional Resume Writing


            Certified Career Coach



       30-minute consultation on how Chandler Search can help you


    $35 ----- "Buy Now" below and e-mail me your contact information




                  Call or e-mail for detailed information on any of these services

John Chandler
Off: 602.482.0017








         Every millionaire I know has multiple income sources


            What would you do if your company closed or downsized?


            What would you do if your hours were cut causing income loss?



Comprehensive BACKGROUND CHECKS for Business or Personal as detailed as you need at affordable costs ----


Before you hire anyone at your company,


            do business with anyone,


hire an in-home day care ,


            rent to anyone,


            date anyone, or


            have anyone in your home 




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30-Minute Consultation

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30-Minute Consultation

$35.00 excl. VAT

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Path to Your Career ©

Sending hundreds of resumes with no response and no interviews?


Having some interviews with no job offers?




In business since 2001


Individual Sessions

Goup Sessions


Buy our detailed course here



Ask about our group specials for Churches, Synagogues, Schools, Military and Universities



Certified Career Coach


Not happy in your career?


     As a Certified Career Coach we help you discover "What you want to be when you grow up" in a series of one hour teleconferences.


Going step by step we help you find the career that best suits you and the one you really want to achieve your maximum success overall.




Executive Consultation Service

In our service we help executives further create and enhance their “Brand” in the marketplace so that their value in their career field grows at the maximum rate so that their competitors notice them and seek them out.


Many executives find themselves in tentative, precarious situations not certain what tomorrow brings.  In addition to working with them on Branding, we help prepare them for the very competitive job market in case the need arises.  Being prepared is what helped them get to where they are and being prepared will help them grow further in their next position.




National Executive Recruiter at a discount

Resume Review, Critique and Recommendations




Due to a recent dramatic increase in requests for us to review resumes and offer constructive advice regarding how to improve them we have added that service to our portfolio. You will find our resume critiques thorough, candid and beneficial. Our fee mirrors the fees of other experts in the field.


Request this service on our "About Us" page ... we will need your resume and one complete job description for which you want to apply.

There is no reason to pay recruiting fees of 20% - 30% when our fee is only 10% of the first year's base salary.