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 Chandler Search is Hiring Pharma Reps


We will work with you to help you reach your realistic monthly income goal ... $5,000 ... $10,000 ... more.  The income is based on your Motivation, Drive and Ambition .... 


As of today, we have NO competition for our insurance paid products.  The prior manufacturer who had similar products got greedy and priced themselves way out of the market and insurance companies ceased paying for their products.


..... Our Topical Salve Pain Cream really works to help eliminate the cause of the nagging pain.  Other products on the market today only mask the symptoms rather than cure the problem.  Don't be fooled by them.


..... Our Diabetic Foot Wash is shipped to the patient and includes the foot tub with the initial order.  The tub includes a circulation motor to "stir" our products into the water.  With just 10 - 15 mnutes per day. within 2 - 3 weeks the patient sees a marked improvement in their feet.  

     They notice that feeling is being restored in their feet AND that the deteerioration of their feet, due to diabetes, is being reversed and they are calling their doctor to have their prescription renewed.


..... Our Dry Mouth product works to cure the cause of the dry mouth and the aptients see that they are requiring less water daily.  Their bodies are retaining more of the water they drink so the patient does not experience Dry Mouth.



Our Immunotherapy Allergy Program tests patients for their specific allergy.  


You have the ability to diagnose and treat allergies without having to refer your patients to an allergist, thus increasing your income.



Contact us today to set up a NO PRESSURE meeting or conference call.


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         Every millionaire I know has multiple income sources


            What would you do if your company closed or downsized?


            What would you do if your hours were cut causing income loss?






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