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Nobody is immune to losing their position and preparation “just in case” is the key to your continued success if you become one of the displaced.


Since 2001 Chandler Search has helped executives throughout the globe prepare for the possible eventuality of having to look for a new position.  Those who are positioned in advance have the shortest gap between positions and that critical preparation is not an overnight task.


Everyone has a different situation from all others with whom we have worked.  You are unique and we tailor our services to you based on who you are, what you have done, the direction you want your career to take and what your ultimate career and life goals are.



What we cover include, but is not limited to:


1)      Steps to create the Brand that is specific to you

2)      Creating a dynamic, winning resume that will get attention in your field

3)      Networking techniques and secrets to grow your reputation

4)      Bringing out the passion in your career ~ what you want to be when you grow up

5)      Positioning yourself in your community and career field


We cover all of the above typically in 7 – 10 one-hour in-depth teleconference sessions.    Between sessions I review all we have discussed and formulate questions, thoughts, ideas and plans to be ready for the next session.

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Executive Consluting Services

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Executive Consluting Services

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